Episode Twenty Three | The Worcester 6: The Cold Storage Warehouse Fire, Worcester, Mass (part two)


The Worcester warehouse fire was a massive disaster for the city. Six men were killed and 17 children left fatherless. Once it was learned what happened, it raised a lot of questions. How could this happen? Should the people who started the fire be charged? Can they be held responsible?

No event has impacted the city of Worcester more in the last 21 years than the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire. It showed what the city and its people are made of. On December 3, 1999, a fire broke out at an abandoned warehouse at 266 Franklin Street in Worcester, Massachusetts - a massive, six story windowless concrete box of a structure. Its maze-like design proved to be deadly. The fire raged undetected for nearly two hours. More than 25 firefighters went in to fight it back. Six of those men didn't make it out. The Worcester Six: Paul Brotherton, Jeremiah Lucey, Thomas Spencer, Timothy Jackson, James Lyons, and Joseph McGuirk.

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