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Episode 31 | You're A Good Man, Phil Hartman with Brian Mulhern (part two)

Part Two of the special episode, You’re A Good Man, Phil Hartman with Brian Mulhern - comedy writer, radio host - Providence, Rhode Island.

Listen to part one to get caught up. Thanks for listening, and thanks for enduring some of our other related topics! We talked quite a lot and, while there are some things I took out that were private to the family, some things I left in because they were relevant to our conversation (and maybe not entirely relevant to true crime). This is not a story about how Phil died, but rather how he lived. We miss Phil, we love Phil. We want people to remember Phil.

If you’ve returned because you were waiting for new episodes. Thank you for your patience. If you are brand new here, welcome. I talk about New England crime stories and things that happened here, to the people here. This is a special episode because this crime did not happen in New England but its effects run deep. And you will hear inevitable dog noises, some from my crew, others from my guest's dog. Brian Mulhern is a friend, radio colleague, and friend of Phil Hartman who hired both Brian and his brother Kevin as comedy writers. They worked closely together for a few years before Phil passed away. Brian can be seen in The Last Days of Phil Hartman on ABC.

Show: The Last Days of Phil Hartman an ABC Special from 2019 Book: You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman by Mike Thomas Sound: There are countless videos available online to see Phil Hartman's extraordinary talents. Saturday Night Live's YouTube is a great place to start.

Featured song: Where The Bodies Lay by Mellow Bravo, Boston, Mass Ambient sounds by Joe “onlyone” Kowalski, Boston, Mass Follow the show @crimeofthetruestkind Listen everywhere you get podcasts

Both images from The Last Days of Phil Hartman - ABC 20/20 (2019)


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