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Episode Four | Colleen Ritzer: Murder at Danvers High, Danvers, Massachusetts

Colleen Ritzer's star was rising. Admirable, driven, passionate, and kind.  She was in her second year teaching math at Danvers High School in Danvers Massachusetts. She loved her job. She always wanted to help. It was her calling. Until the afternoon of October 22, 2013 when one of the students she worked so hard for brutally ended her life. Colleen's loss was simply devastating to her family and the community.

Hosted and created by Anngelle Wood @crimeof thetruestkind

Most instrumental music by onlyone Joe Kowalski, Boston, Mass |


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CNN - Danvers School Killing

Peggie Ritzer Statement during trial

Prosecution’s Opening statement, Colleen Ritzer case

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Washington Post - Police Accuse Danvers Student In Death of Colleen Ritzer

WCVB Channel 5 Investigates uncovers new details in horrific killing

Video Judge details graphic nature of Colleen Ritzer murder

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Star Tribune - Police Affidavit Offers Chilling Details

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CBS News - Affidavit says killer may have recorded murder

Affidavit Boston magazine - Charging Chism

WBUR - Chism Sentenced

WCVB Channel 5 - DYS worker violently attacked


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