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Episode Five | Carol & Christopher Di Maiti Stuart: The Boston Murder Hoax, Boston Massachusetts

On the evening of October 23, 1989, Boston was rocked by one of the most notorious and damaging crimes in the city's history. The murder of Carol Stuart was tragic and shocking. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant with her first baby; she was murdered after leaving a birthing class at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital. The case was highly-publicized, emotionally-charged, and sensationalized by Boston media and across the country. The crime was captured on an early version of reality television. It scarred the city for life. The police tore through Boston's neighborhoods looking for a "Black man with a raspy voice wearing a black tracksuit". The man they were looking for didn't exist. It was all a hoax. Marky Mark even wrote a song about it....

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch - Wildside, he raps about the Stuart case

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Hosted by Anngelle Wood

Twitter: @truestkind


Charles Stuart: Boston Murder Hoax

Legacy of Racist Policing

Civil Suit Is Filed in Boston Murder Case : Courts: Carol Stuart’s family wants to bar her husband’s heirs from inheriting any of her estate. They claim ‘public policy’ prevents profiting from her death

WBUR Delores Handy on 20th anniversary of Carol Stuart’s murder

Chicago Tribune: A Glimpse into the Stuart Murder Hoax

New York Times: A Boston Tragedy - The Stuart Case, A Special Case: Motive Remains a Mystery In Deaths That Haunt a City

The Stuart Family Knew it Was a Hoax

Theories and Insurance Policies

Carol DiMaiti’s BC Degree

Mass Transit

Boston Today

Boston Crime Stats

WCVB TV 5 - Stuart Report

Commonwealth magazine - Carol Di Maiti

New York Times - A Boston Tragedy: The Stuart Case - A Special Case; Motive Remains A Mystery In Deaths That Haunt A City

Harvard. Edu - Forgotten victim

Seattle Times - `If There Was A Fault To Carol, It Was That She Was Gullible'

Union Leader = The Murder and Hoax That Made Boston’s Black Community A Target

Carol Di Maiti Stuart Foundation

Lynn Item - Stuart Case, 30 Years Later

Evelyn DiMaiti died in 2006

AP News - Carol Stuart: A ‘Little Cinderella’ Who Met Her Dark Prince

Rescue 911

Crossfire on CNN - Embarrassing display of white Boston

Washington Post - Black community reacts to Stuart shooting

Charles Stuart Funeral

*people still love their family, despite being a killer

Wiki page

Murder In Boston By Ken Englade - Racist Boston


Marky Mark - Wildside

Legacy of Racist Policing

New York Times - Gun in Stuart Murder Found

Nashua Telegraph - Suicide note

Washington Post - Victim to Suspect

Chicago Trib Insurance records sought

Gun Found linked to Stuart case


New York Times - Matthew Stuart indicted

Christopher Stuart


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