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Episode 66 | A Fifty-Year-Old Cold Case Is Solved & The Dark History Of Murder in Bedford, Massachusetts

Five murders in as many decades. How does a seemingly tranquil town like Bedford, Massachusetts, become the backdrop for some of the most chilling crimes in New England history?

Travel back in time as we recount this small town's dark past.

In 1970, Emily Morris, a woman suffering from debilitating pain, was killed by her own husband for what he called a mercy killing.

The 1971 brutal murder of Natalie Scheublin went unsolved until a newly-formed cold case unit came together to reexam her case. Thanks to clues left behind by the killer and breakthroughs in forensic technology, her murderer was finally caught.

In 1982, the grisly murder of 19-year-old Robert Crowe in his own home by a drug addict and thief left the town reeling but it was his childhood friend who help put him away.

2024: And the town was rocked just this month by a double murder that opened old wounds. A heartbreaking account of family murder perpetrated by their own daughter; Thelma Tatten and Mark Cavallaro, were a fun-loving and caring couple who were shot on the way to breakfast.

NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

Behavioral health and mental health services in Massachusetts 

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Edith Nourse Rogers, who served in Congress 1925-1960 and was a staunch supporter of Veterans and co-author of the GI Bill.

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Robert Crowe, 1982 stabbed to death with a screwdriver by 21-year- old coke addict

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Release: Woman Charged in Connection with Double Shooting in Bedford

the following is a press release from the Bedford Police Department - Details emerge in alleged killing of parents by their daughter in Bedford

Jessica Cavallaro, 24, shot her parents and confessed to the crimes, officials say

Boston Globe - Woman Charged With Shooting Parents In Bedford

WBZ TV 4 - Woman accused of shooting and killing parents outside Bedford, Massachusetts home

NBC Boston - Woman shoots and kills her parents outside Bedford home, DA says

Mass Live - Bedford father killed Thursday was open about mental health struggles on social media


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