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Crime of the Truest Kind LIVE! True crime event on November 9

We are doing it live! The first live show is coming to Beverly, Mass on Thursday, November 9. This one is part meetup, part wine tasting, part crime trivia and a live case discussion. Tickets are on sale now via Off Cabot here: LINK

Secret Boston writes, "Massachusetts has seen its fair share of chilling crime stories. While some events become notorious and echo in the corridors of time, many remain relatively unknown to the masses. The 'Crime of the Truest Kind' podcast, with its focus on Massachusetts and New England crime stories intertwined with local history, aims to illuminate these stories. For fans of true crime and the enigmatic stories of New England, this podcast has quickly become a must-listen. And now, listeners will have an opportunity to delve even deeper.

On November 9, Crime of the Truest Kind will move from the digital realm to Off Cabot in Beverly, Massachusetts, for a live crime night hosted by the talented Anngelle Wood. If you've ever been enchanted by Wood's voice through your headphones, imagine experiencing a live case discussion led by the Boston radio personality herself!"

I plan to visit more towns and cities. Please let me know where you are - Contact


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