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Episode 44 | What Happened To Andy Puglisi, Lawrence, Mass & The Suspects In His Disppearance

Part Two: The still-unsolved disappearance of 10-year-old Lawrence, Massachusetts boy Andy Puglisi who simply vanished from his neighborhood in the summer of 1976. Police searched for just six days before calling it off. That was the beginning of a 40-plus year mystery fraught with suspicions, slow response, and missed opportunities. This episode tells the story of the suspects in his abduction and other related crimes.

There were five known child predators at the pool the day Andy disappeared, police would tell his mother Faith Puglisi and, because they weren’t breaking any laws, there was nothing they could do about it. Children were not safe in the 1970s. They aren't safe today but missing kids in the 1970s seemed to be an phenomenon. We go over related cases of the men suspected in Andy's disappearnce, none of whom were arrest or prosecuted for his abduction. This is about violent crime against children, please listen with care. We still hope to find an answer to the question, what happened to Andy Puglisi? June is internet safety month and a good time to talk about what children face online and what we can do to help keep them safe. In 2018, the national center for missing & exploited children’s cybertipline received more than 18 million reports of online child sexual exploitation. the majority of these tips were related to:

They found that online enticement took place across every online platform; from social media sites to messaging apps and online games. It is shocking to learn how pervasive child sexual abuse online has become - with about 97% of American kids having access to tablets and smartphones, that opens up many opportunities for predators to get access to children online. Information at The Cyber Tipline: 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678) Links

Photos: Andy Puglisi, Andy and baby sister Mandy, Michelle Wilson, Boxford, Mass; Janice Pockett, Tolland, Connecticut, Janice's bike with the banana seat; Mary Olenchuk, Ogunquit, Maine (Maine's oldest cold case), David Louisin, Brockton, Mass, "Have You Seen Andy" now on Max, Higgins Memorial Pool,

photos downloading above


Cook County Sheriff , Illinois - Unidentified Victims John Wayne Gacy

Lawrence Eagle Tribune - Thirty Years Later: Andy Puglisi Was Murdered, Aug 26, 2006

Cold Case New England - Mary Olenchuk, Ogunquit, Maine

The Suspects

Addition sources through archival records
Music included in this episode by Joe "onlyone" Kowalski and Andrew King.


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