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Episode Seventeen | Beth Brodie: Crime of the Hometown Kind, Groveland, Massachusetts

In November of 1992, the murder of 15-year-old Beth Brodie devastated the small town of Groveland, Massachusetts (where I spent my childhood). Her killer was a 16 -year-old boy she knew from school who'd developed a violent obsession with her. For this premeditated and gruesome murder, he was sentenced as an adult to life in prison. That’s only part of her story.

I talk to Beth's brother Sean Aylward to get a first-hand account of Beth's story, about the case, what it’s like for a family of a murdered loved one and how they fight to keep attention on Beth and not about the person who took her life.

How to support the Brodie family:

Some photos to remember Beth

Crime of the Truest Kind

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Pat Badger Alpacas

Boston 25 News - Juror Who Put Teen Behind Bars Outraged

Uni - Mass Youth Charged In Baseball Bat Killing of Beth Brodie

Baltimore sun (Boston Globe) Beth Brodie murder

Commonwealth vs Baldwin

Salem News - Parole hearing cancelled by defendant

Brother: No parole for killer of Groveland girl, Groveland teen murdered with baseball bat in 1992


Cheerleader, 15, is beaten to death Tom Coakley, Boston Globe, Nov 20, 1992

Policeman kills man in Groveland

John Cullen, Jeff McLaughlin, Boston Globe, Nov 1, 1973

Lowell Sun - Billy Blaisdell Murder

Boston Globe - 700 Bid Farewell to Beth Brodie


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