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Episode Twenty Two | The Worcester 6: The Cold Storage Warehouse Fire, Worcester, Mass (part one)


#worcestersix No event has impacted the city of Worcester more in the last 21 years than the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse Fire. It showed what the city and its people are made of. On December 3, 1999, a fire broke out at an abandoned warehouse at 266 Franklin Street in Worcester, Massachusetts - a massive, six story windowless concrete box of a structure. Its maze-like design proved to be deadly. The fire raged undetected for nearly two hours. More than 25 firefighters went in to fight it back. Six of those men didn't make it out. The Worcester Six: Paul Brotherton, Jeremiah Lucey, Thomas Spencer, Timothy Jackson, James Lyons, and Joseph McGuirk.

Photo Gallery Thank you to the Leary Firefighters Foundation

Fire Firefighters who appear in the Worcester 6 documentary: Lt John Franco, WPD Rescue 1 Andrew White, WPD Deputy Chief of Operations Joe Gaffney, WPD Rescue 1 (retired) Chief Mike Lavoie, WPD Don Courtney, WPD Engine 16 (retired) LT John Dwyer, WPD Training Division

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The Worcester Six: Paul Brotherton, Jerry Lucey, Tim Jackson Jay Lyons, Joe McGuirk, Tom Spencer

Source Links

U.S. Fire Administration/Technical Report Series, Dec 1999 - After Effect By Matthew Foley

In December 1999, a fire in an abandoned warehouse in Worcester, Massachusetts, killed six firefighters and sent a shock wave through the country's fire service. Twenty years later, the reverberations are still being felt - The Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Fire: 20 Years Later, by Gus Maynard

Gus Maynard reminds us of how two decades ago, the Worcester, MA, Fire Department lost the lives of six firefighters in a spectacular blaze

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Mass Live - Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse Co. fire, which claimed lives of 6 firefighters, remembered 19 years later, by Melissa Hanson, Dec 04, 2018 343 NYC firefighters died on 9/11. Since then, 200 have died from Ground Zero-related illnesses

Newsweek - Why the 9/11 Death Toll Is Still Rising Today, by Sophia Waterfield, Sept 11, 20

WPVI ABC 6, Philadelphia - Sept 11 attacks are still killing first responders 19 years later

Boston Fire History - The Vendome The Strand Theater Fire, Brockton, Massachusetts

Profiles of the Worcester Six

Recommendations post fire


This Morning, The Sun Didn't Rise': Worcester Grieves For 6 Firefighters Presumed Killed On The Job, by Daniel Mac, Cindy Rodriguez, Dec 5, 1999

Six Who Died In Worcester Remembered Families Recall Firefighters' Devotion To A Perilous Duty, by Ellen Barry, Marcella Bombardieri, Dec 6, 1999

Stalled Search Yields Heartache Only, By Marcella Bombardieri, Dec 7, 1999

Part two to come


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