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Episode Twenty Five | Two Planes Left Boston On September 11, 2001

A surprise episode! It was unplanned. The show remains on hiatus.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. It weighs on my mind. I have my own related trauma from that day and the days that followed as a young Boston radio DJ trying to navigate this horror where listeners called begging me for answers and to say things over the air. I was not prepared.

The two planes that hit the Twin Towers came from Boston full of local people who wouldn't make it back home. It affected so many families here. We are very sensitive to this. I know I am.

I have been thinking a lot about that day and wanted to talk about it. Thanks for listening.

Flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles was full of people from Massachusetts. Of the 92 people total on board, 8 of the 11 member crew and 47 of the passengers on board were from Massachusetts.

List of all passengers on board Flight 11 - Boston Globe archives List of all passengers on board Flight 175 - Boston Globe archives Crew members from Flight 11

Barbara Jean Arestegui, 38, Marstons Mills, Massachusetts

Karen A. Martin, 40, Danvers

Kathleen Nicosia, 54, Winthrop

John Ogonowski, 52, Dracut

Betty Ong, 45, Andover

Jean Roger, 24, Longmeadow

Dianne Snyder, 42, Westport

Madeline Sweeney, 35, Acton

Passengers from Massachusetts

Anna Williams Allison, 48, Stoneham

Myra Aronson, 52, Charlestown

Christine Barbuto, 32, Brookline

Kelly Ann Booms, 24, Brookline

Neilie Anne Heffernan Casey, 32, Wellesley

Jeffrey Coombs, 42, Abington

Tara Creamer, 30, Worcester

Patrick Currivan, 52, Winchester

David DiMeglio, 22, Wakefield

Donald Americo DiTullio, 49, Peabody

Paige Farley-Hackel, 46, Newton

Alex Filipov, 70, Concord

Paul Friedman, 45, Belmont

Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, Brookline

Peter Gay, 54, Tewksbury

Linda George, 27, Westboro

Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, 41, Needham

Peter Hashem, 40, Tewksbury

Robert Hayes, 37, Amesbury

Edward (Ted) R. Hennessy, 35, Belmont

Cora Hidalgo Holland, 52, Sudbury

Nicholas Humber, 60, of Newton

John Charles Jenkins, 45, Cambridge

Charles Edward Jones, 48, Bedford

Robin Kaplan, 33, Westboro

Judy Larocque, 50, Framingham

Natalie Janis Lasden, 46, Peabody

Daniel C. Lewin, 31, Charlestown

Susan A. MacKay, 44, Westford

Christopher D. Mello, 25, Boston

Antonio Jesus Montoya Valdes, 46, East Boston

Carlos Alberto Montoya, 36, Belmont

Laura Lee Morabito, 34, Framingham

Mildred Rose Naiman, 81, Andover

Jane M. Orth, 49, Haverhill

Sonia Morales Puopolo, 58, of Dover

David E. Retik, 33, Needham

Philip M. Rosenzweig, 47, Acton

Richard Ross, 58, Newton

Jessica Sachs, 22, Billerica

Rahma Salie, 28, Boston

Heather Lee Smith, 30, Boston

Michael Theodoridis, 32, Boston

James Trentini, 65, Everett

Mary Trentini, 67, Everett

Kenneth Waldie, 46, Methuen

Christopher Zarba, 47, Hopkinton

Flight 175 Boston to Los Angeles 26 passengers were from Massachusetts

Garnet Edward (Ace) Bailey, 54, Lynnfield, Mass

Mark Bavis, 31, West Newton

Graham Andrew Berkeley, 37, Boston

John Brett Cahill, 56, Wellesley

Christoffer Carstanjen, 33, Turner Falls

John (Jay) J. Corcoran, 43, Norwell

Lynn Catherine Goodchild, 25, Attleboro

Peter Morgan Goodrich, 33, Sudbury

Douglas A. Gowell, 52, Methuen

The Rev. Francis E. Grogan, 76, of Easton

Peter Hanson, 32, Groton

Sue Kim Hanson, 35, Groton

Christine Lee Hanson, 2, Groton

Eric Samadikan Hartono, 20, Boston

James E. Hayden, 47, Westford

Herbert W. Homer, 48, Milford

Robert Adrien Jalbert, 61, Swampscott

Ralph Francis Kershaw, 52, Manchester-by-the-Sea

Brian Kinney, 29, Lowell

Marianne MacFarlane, 34, Revere

Patrick Quigley, 40, of Wellesley

Frederick Charles Rimmele, 32, Marblehead

Jesus Sanchez, 45, Hudson

Jane Louise Simpkin, 36, Wayland

Brian D. Sweeney, 38, Barnstable

William M. Weems, 46, Marblehead


American Airlines Flight 11


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