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Episode 35 | Ruth Marie Terry & The Mystery of Lady of the Dunes, Provincetown, Mass

After 48 years, Massachusetts' oldest unidentified murder victim has finally been given a name. Ruth Marie Terry. She was brutally murdered and left in a secluded area of Cape Cod in beautiful Provincetown. We learn about the legacy of the the search for her identity and all questions it poses: Who is Ruth? How did she get there? Who is responsible? Who are authorities looking for? What brough her to the Cape that summer? So many questions. Very few answers.

Crime of the Truest Kind New England crime stories Hosted by Anngelle Wood Follow @crimeofthetruestkind Listen + Rate + Review Everywhere you listen to podcasts Become a patron on Patreon! Music from Joe only one Kowalski and Andrew King appears in this episode Thank you for listening.

This is an open case and anyone with information about either Guy Muldavin's or Ruth Terry's whereabouts in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and New England from 1973 to 1974 is asked to call police at 1-800-KAPTURE, emailing or by texting 226787

Rory Gene Kesinger is still missing

The Lady's marker

Ruth Marie Terry in her younger years

Photo of Ruth's body in the dunes in Provincetown

FBI seeking information about Ruth


Police Seek Info on Man ‘Lady of the Dunes' Married Months Before Her Death - NBC Boston

Ruth Terry family history - SFGate

The Creepy Husband - Boston Globe

The Clark Brothers = Daily Mail

The Disappearance of Sarah Pryor,

What we know about Lady of the Dunes - Boston Globe

Golden State Killer DeAngelo

Alleged Bear Brook murderer Terry Rasmussen

Historic Mysteries

Lady of the Dunes DNA - Cape Cod Times

Lady of the Dunes 2000 Exhumation

The Husband - Boston Globe

Rory Kesinger

Lady of the Dunes in Provincetown

There are more that I'll add


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