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Episode 61 | The Mysterious Disappearance of Attiin R. Shaw, Washburn, Maine with Brandie of Evaporate The Missing

For the record, her name is Attiin (pronounced Ah-Teen). Uncover the unsettling case of Attiin Rachmawati Shaw, missing from Washburn, Maine. Dive into the mysteries and complexities in Episode 61.

This is a make good on our promise to cover Attiin's case after we first spoke about her at the live show on March 7 at Off Cabot in Beverly.  I didn't know much about her case but we are peeling that all back now. I will work on a follow up to this case as I gather more about this mysterious disappearance of a young mother of four.

Brandie from Evaporate the Missing helps navigate the many unknowns in the case of missing mother from Maine, Attiin R. Shaw. Her story has been both disregarded and overlooked within her rural community, but has new eyes now thanks to the dedication of local Maine mom and concerned citizen, Kara, who stepped up to be a voice for Attiin and her family in Indonesia.

We go over the many questions and complexities involved in Attiin's open case, the parallels her story shares with other recent cases of missing women in New England, and her family's struggle to get information and understand what her husband, Mike P. Shaw, is telling them about her last days at home and what may have happened. We'll dissect the scarce evidence, the frustrations of a family at a loss, advocating for the missing, and the community's desire to keep hope alive.


Photos of Attiin and her family from her social media pages and news reports, the home at 888 Washburn Rd where she lived with her family



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