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Episode Three | Kimberly and Jaimie Cates: Crime of a New England Kind, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire

Crime of the New England Kind

The Cates family moved to Mont Vernon to experience life in a small town. Mont Vernon, New Hampshire is that small town in the Southern part of the state. A picture perfect town. It was a community of about 2,400 people as of the 2010 census. It was safe, rural, a picture perfect town with dirt roads, and covers only 16.7 square miles. The kind of town where you often hear people say they, “never locked their doors.” It is a beautiful place with lots of room in between houses. If you wanted privacy, this was a very good place to find it.

The impact of the Cates case cannot be understated. It shook the community to its core, injected fear into everyone. The effects were felt for miles. I was long gone from that small New Hampshire town, but my heart was right there when I heard that a Mont Vernon family was met with pure evil on that night.

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Unsealed Cates affidavit from January 5, 2010, Milford District Court

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Skinhead machete attack


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