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Episode 48 | Darlene Tiffany Moore, Roxbury, Massachusetts: Murder on H-Block (part one)

 Darlene Tiffany Moore, Roxbury, Massachusetts: Murder on H-Block (part one)

Season three! In episode 48, we head to the Boston neighborhood of Roxbury where, in the summer of 1988, the murder of 12-year-old Darlene Tiffany Moore in the area known as the H-Block (named for the streets: Humboldt, Homestead, Harold, Harrishof, and Holworthy) had a major impact on the city. She was an innocent girl with a life full of promise and just two days away from returning to her new hometown of Greenville, South Carolina to begin 7th grade. It was not to be.

She was in an area known as a thoroughfare of violence and was struck with a bullet meant for another. But who? A rival gang member? Revenge for a bad drug deal? This is a story about Boston’s past, the war on drugs, murdered kids, "Just So No", the violent drug trade, street gangs, an outraged community, witness intimidation, police misconduct, wrongful convictions, an unsolved crime, and Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

There is a lot to unpack here. This is part one of two. In part two, we will go over the arrests of the suspects in her case, the trial and what came after. Online: Follow @crimeofthetruestkind Ticket link for our Live True Crime and Wine night at Off Cabot in Beverly, Mass on Thursday, Nov 9

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Featured Music from Joe "onlyone" Kowalski - Joe Got A New Heart Fund Dug McCormack MATH GHOSTS Andrew King

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