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Episode 56 | Where Is Debra Melo & Deadly Massachusetts Domestic Violence Cases

Is Debra Melo in Taunton? This is part two of my interview with Steve Demoura. So many of you are interested in her story. Debra Melo is missing. This year marks 24 years that she disappeared. This is an important story to tell.  She did not just leave. There was no reason to walk away from her family, her daughter, her son. This is part two of Debra’s story. With Steve Demoura, Debra's brother-in-law and dedicated advocate to get justice for Debra and her family.

In this episode I talk about domestic violence against women and coercive control and other Massachusetts cases where the wife, and sometimes the entire family are killed. Listen with care.

Drawing parallels with other Massachusetts cases, we loo at the stark realities of intimate partner crimes with the stories of deadly domestic violence cases, Teena and Arianna Kamal, Linda and Sebastian Robinson, Breanne Pennington, Ana Walshe, Carol DiMaiti Stuart (her case was covered most recently on HBO Max's Murder In Boston).

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Call 1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

Do you have any kind of information about Debra Melo's disappearance, about when she went missing, if you overheard someone, if you saw something, if you know something but have been afraid to say it, you can email me.

Crime of the Truest Kind Line: 617-903-8411

Mail it: PO Box 752, Burlington, Mass 01803

You can also contact the Massachusetts State Police at (781) 830-4800


Dateline Analysis

Dateline NBC

Murder In Boston HBO Max (Carol Dimaiti Stuart Episode 5)

Breanne Pennington, Gardner, Massachusetts (and listen to episode 51) 

Linda and Sebastian Robinson, Andover, Massachusetts

Teena and Arianna Kamal, Dover, Massachusetts 

National Domestic Violence Hotline


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