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Episode 60 | UNSOLVED New England Crime Cases with Emily Sweeney of the Boston Globe (recorded live at Faces Brewing, Malden, Mass)

We mark the 60th episode of Crime of the Truest Kind with a the Unsolved show recorded live at Faces Brewing in Malden.UNSOLVED New England Crime Cases Recorded live on Thursday, February 15 at Faces Brewing, Malden With Emily Sweeney of the Boston Globe Cold Case Files (subscribe here).

We break down a number of New England cases, covered in Emily's reporting and on this podcast. 

Unsolved: The 1996 as of Marcie Fusillo Martini, first believed to be accidental but later ruled as homicide, in Walpole, Mass

Unidentified and unsolved: The 1973 case of the burned body of a Black man found in Westford, Mass

Unidentified and unsolved: In 2005 the body of a woman - Dorchester Jane Doe - was found entombed in an apartment building chimney in Dorchester

Missing: In 2020 Mitchel Iviquel disappeared and little is known about her. She was reported missing in 2021, nearly one full after she was last seen in the Somerville area

Unsolved cases

Missing and unsolved: Debra Melo of Taunton, 2000

Unsolved: Charline Rosemond from Everett, found murdered in Somerville, 2009

Missing and unsolved: Maura Murray - from Hanson, missing from Haverhill, NH, 2004

Unsolved: Rita Hester - found dead in Allston, 1998

The Charlestown 99 Murders, Nov. 6, 1995

Whitney Bulger's  reign of terror in Boston 

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