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Episode 64 | What Happened at 34 Fairview? The John O'Keefe Murder Trial Week Two Review with Dubs of the True Crime Bloodhound

We are back for round two. A few things to remember: John O’Keefe is dead. His family hasn’t been able to properly mourn (nor has Karen Read) and this is a horrible place for a family to be. There are kids involved. John O’Keefe was the guardian and main caregiver to his niece and nephew who in no way asked for or deserved to be at the center of this nightmare. 

There is a lot of scrutiny on the John O'Keefe murder trial and on Karen Read.

Karen is an accomplished woman. She's a member of the faculty at Bentley, in their Finance Dept  for the last 16 years. She works (or worked) for Fidelity Investments in Equity Research and was a Financial Analyst. There has been so much pre-trial publicity that it may be impossible for her to be looked at fairly.

This case is simply bananas.

The more I learn about it, the more questions I have, beginning with What the hell happened at 34 Fairview in Canton in the early hours of January 29, 2022? We know eastern Massachusetts was in the grips of a major snowstorm. Turns out, it was a blizzard. Boston got 23.5 inches of snow that Saturday at Logan Airport, making January 29, 2022 the second largest January storm every recorded in the city. The seventh biggest snowstorm of all time in Boston's recorded history. The temperature dropped to 21 degrees. This had to have hampered the investigation. There were the red solo cups, the grocery bag, that leaf blower - very Tarantino. 

I watched some of the testimony this week and I checked in with Dubs, the True Crime Bloodhound, to help me out with this week’s big happenings.


Photos related to the case: the house at 34 Fairview, Waterfall bar in Canton, the renowned brown bag and the red cups, John and Karen at the Waterfall, the blizzard of 2022, why is Jesus on the stop and shop bag?, the broken glass found in the snow near John


Justice for Beth Brodie | Event link

Her killer is seeking parole, hearing is Thurs May 16 at the Massachusetts Parole Offices in Natick. Write a letter. Stand with us. Visit - Write the parole board and tell them No Parole for Richard Baldwin, W56202.

Justice for Janet Downing. Her killer is seeking parole on Tues 6/25

Friday, May 17 is Children's Advocacy Day at the State House from 11am-1pm.Join us at Great Hall | Event Link

Officer Ian Taylor of the Billerica PD Boston 25 News -"He was a good man"

Adam Montgomery was sentenced to 45 years to life for killing 5-year-old Harmony Montgomery. Monster.

Thanks to Dubs of True Crime Bloodhound | Substack | YouTube 


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