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Episode Six | Leeann Millius and Kim Farrah: Murder At Hedgehog Pond, Salem, New Hampshire

In the early morning hours of September 13, 1997, the bodies of Leeann Millius and Kim Farrah were discovered by a woman walking her dog at Hedgehog Pond Park, a popular summer hangout spot for residents in and around Salem, New Hampshire . The lives of two young women were cut short by a group of supposed friends with a sinister plan...

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Keep your eyes peeled when you’re out walking your dog.

And lock your damn doors!


News archives

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Two women found slain at NH pond Police say teenagers were killed at scene Boston Globe, by Ric Kahn and Stacy Milbouer, Sept 14, 1997 Grant described killings to police Court documents reveal Millius's fear Boston Globe, by, Royal Ford, Sept 30, 1997

Two get up to life in slaying of teens Boston Globe, June 3, 1999

Man, 20, convicted of '97 teen slaying (Doucette) Boston Globe, April 10, 1999

Salem defendants' lawyers say clients denied counsel Boston Globe, Royal Ford, Sept 26, 1997

WMUR Channel 9 News - Salem Murder Victims remembered

Plea deal denied

Court documents, suspect one: Eric Jeleniewski

Doucette Defense Bennington Banner, VT, 01 Apr 1999 clipping

Jeleniewski Guilty In Hedgehog Park Murder, Salem, NH Bennington Banner, VT, 27 Oct 1998

Seacoast Today: Students mourn as police search for teens’ killer

Suspect watched horror movies before murders

Foster's Daily Democrat Online, 9/22/97

Murder weapon - a 5-inch stiletto - reportedly belonged to one of two Salem girls


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