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Episode Seven | Michael McDermott: Day After Christmas massacre, Wakefield, Mass (part one)

Twenty years ago, on that Tuesday, the day after Christmas in 2000, seven employees who were among half of the staff of Edgewater Technology in Wakefield, Massachusetts to come to work that day never made it home. A co-worker, armed to the teeth, showed up to the job he’d had for less than a year to exact his revenge. Perceived and twisted revenge. Equipped with a shotgun, a semi-automatic assault rifle, a semi-automatic pistol, and a bag full of ammunition, he had chatted with his workmates then unceremoniously opened fire. The attack that left all seven people dead lasted less than 10 minutes. This is part one of two.

Michael McDermott: Wakefield, Mass

Los Angeles Times - Shooter Kills 7 At Net Firm Outside Boston Dec 27, 2000 LA Times - A Private Man Accused of ‘Great Cruelty’ Dec 28, 2000 Time - Portrait Of A Killer By Nadya Labi, Dec 31, 2000,9171,93313,00.html Boston Herald - Suspect in Wakefield murders was taking drugs for depression Dec 29, 2000 New York Times - 7 Die in Rampage at Company; Co-Worker of Victims Arrested By Carey Goldberg, Dec 27, 2000 SF Gate - Not-Guilty Plea in Office Slayings / Lawyer says suspect had been getting psychiatric care, medication - New York Times, Dec 28, 2000 | Updated: July 9, 2018 Washington Post - 7 Die in Massachusetts Office Shooting Dec 27, 2000 Court Docs

NECN - Survivor of Mass Shooting on Healing Process March 21, 2014

CNN - Lawyer: Deluded killer thought victims were Nazis April 10, 2002 REPORT AND RECOMMENDATION RE: PETITION FOR WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS (DOCKET ENTRY # 1) October 25, 2011

MCDERMOTT CONVICTED, GETS 7 LIFE TERMS Boston Globe news bank Michele Kurtz,April 25, 2002 PROSECUTION WITNESSES DETAIL MCDERMOTT'S PATH Boston Globe news bank April 9, 2002 by Michele Kurtz Testimony about shooting, Linda Tessier Boston Globe news bank Witness Saw McDermott Practicing Shooting Before Murders Boston Globe news bank ABC News - Seven Dead in Mass. Office Shooting ABC NEWS - Remembering Alleged Shooter's Victims January 7, 2006 Washington Post - This list of lives lost in mass shootings grows longer. Here are their names: Newsweek - Massacre At The Office Jan 1, 2001 Wiki - Wakefield Massacre Workplace shooting stats Gun Ownership In Massachusetts,issued%20by%20municipal%20police%20departments. Mass Gun Laws

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