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New Promo | Crime of the Truest Kind:: Spring 2021

When I started this podcast in the Fall of 2020, I had low-to-no expectations. Having been in commercial radio all these year, I was more prepared for people to be assholes and want to trash anything I did.

I was not aware of how supportive everyone in the true crime community would be. It's crazy really. In a very good way.

I made a fresh new podcast promo (spring 2021!) to use to promote the show and to share with other like-minded podcast hosts to cross-promote with our audiences - like old school radio. It is amazing!

This entire experience has been a trip. And I'm having a great time. Thank you for supporting, thank you for listening. I am working on new episodes, new interviews, new ideas. I can't wait to share them with you.

Crime of the Truest Kind is Available on all major podcast platforms, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

Crime of the Truest Kind | Anngelle Wood Media Copyright 2021


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