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Episode Ten | Rachel & Lillian Entwistle: Daddy's Double Life, Hopkinton, Mass (part two)

Episode Ten! Amazing.

In part two, we learn about the dark double life of a man who'd turned to murder to escape his mounting problems.

Rachel and Neil Entwistle were a happy couple, new parents to Lillian Rose, born in April 2005. They’d returned to Rachel’s home state of Massachusetts to raise the baby and be closer to Rachel’s family. A native of Worksop, England, Neil was looking to make a go of it in the US. They'd met when Rachel was studying abroad at York University in Northern England and Neil was working on a degree in Engineering. Their love blossomed on the rowing team - the boat house was on Love Lane. It was clear to everyone who knew them that they were destined to be together forever. That's why the events of January 20, 2006 were so shocking and left everyone in disbelief.

See Neil Entwistle awkwardly cry at the sight of his dead daughter. Or laughing? I don't know.

Crime of the Truest Kind Hosted by Anngelle Wood Online at Available everywhere you get your stories Thank you, Andrew King and Joe Kowalski for use of some songs that appear in this episode

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