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Episode Fifteen | Shaun Ouillette: Forever Fourteen, Canton, Massachusetts (part one)

In the fall of 1986, Shaun Ouillette was the new kid at Canton High in Canton, Massachusetts. The friendly, easy going 14 year old freshman had been having trouble making friends in his new school. Hoping to strike up a new friendship, he took the bus after school on November 20 to another 14 year old's house to buy some fireworks and hang out. What almost everyone else didn't know is that Shaun was the target of Rod Matthews' murder plan to "see what it feels like". The details of the planning and execution of are stunning, knowing that 14 year old kids are involved. Listen + Subscribe + Rate + Review everywhere you listen to podcasts Follow Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok Music by Joe "onlyone" Kowalski and Andrew King appears in this episode


Dead of Winter: The Empty Chair - Jeanne Quinn, Shaun Ouillette - Discovery ID

SNL Dunkin Skit

The 25 Most diverse towns in Mass 2019

Canton Citizen - Reincarnation? November 26, 2014

AP News - Cash and Peterson testify

LA TIMES - Youngest convict March 11, 1988

Freedom mag - Ritalin and school

Canton Citizen - Matthews 2016 Parole request

WBUR COVERAGE - Matthews 2016 Parole Hearing March 29, 2016

New York Times - Murder For Thrill Described At Trial March 4, 1988

Boston Globe - Killer Wants To Go Free March 29, 2016

Boston Herald - Killer Hasn’t Changed March 30. 2016

Canton Citizen - A Mother’s Nightmare: Jeanne Quinn’s story Oct 10, 2012

Washington Post - Matthews Gets Life March 11, 1988

Matthews Affidavit Freedom magazine - The Fatal Flaw A deadly incursion into America’s educational system two decades ago spawned a tragic murder

New York Times - Murder for Thrill Described at a Trial March 1988


Boston Globe - Why Did Rod Kill Shaun? ''this Murder Was So Preventable,'' Says Thomas Ouillette, The Victim's Father. By Daniel Golden, May 22, 1988

Matthews Moved To Danvers Mental Hospital

Matthews Pleads innocent

First parole request - 2001

Don't release a psychopathic killer Kenneth Berkowitz, April 24, 2016

Rod Matthews has earned a second chance - break down of supreme court ruling on juveniles James Alan Fox, Boston Globe, April 24, 2016

Appeal rejected for youth killer Boston Globe, June 2, 1995

Missing Canton Youth Apparently Murdered Boston Globe, December 12, 1986

Attorneys for Matthews want to implicate other boys


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