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Episode Twenty | Abel Harris: The Shooting at Bunratty's, Allston, Mass with David Giammatteo

Allston Rock City: The events of August 1, 1987 are difficult to reconcile. A man nobody knew walked in to a rock club and shot one of the most beloved members of their misfit family. The rock band Bang was wrapping up their set when a man who had been asked to leave hours before returned to the club, pulled out a gun and started shooting. It took no time for patrons and regulars to figure out the sounds were not coming from the band and everyone ran for cover. That’s when bartender Abel Harris hopped over the bar and approached the shooter to reason with him to stop firing. Instead of talking, the man raised the gun and put two bullets into Abel's head.

The man no one knew left the club and the hunt was on to find out who did this to to someone everyone loved, Abel Harris. Photo Gallery

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Gravely Wounded Bartender Dies

Court Document

Music Museum of New England - Bunratty’s

About Abel Harris

Bunratty’s page


Boston Globe - Warrant Issued For Quincy Man In Shooting At Allston Bar, by Alexander Reid, Aug 5 1987

Boston Globe - Shooting Suspect Believed Headed For Las Vegas, Aug 7 Aug 1987

Suspect In Allston Bar Shooting Is Arrested In Kansas After Chase By Doreen Ludica, Aug 8, 1987

Globe - Slaying Of A Bartender Reminds Colleagues About Risks Of The Job

Boston Globe - A Thanks To All For Remembering Son, by Richard Ray, Aug 13, 1987

Boston Globe - He Was Protecting 'his Family,' Friends Say Of Slain Bartender, by Diane Alters, Aug 14 1987

Globe Suspect Secluded At Court Hearing, by Richard Ray, Aug 14, 1987

Family Maintains Vigil For Wounded Bartender Allston Shooting Suspect Remains At Large, by Diego Ribadeneira, Aug 4, 1987

Suspect In Allston Bar Shooting Is Arrested In Kansas After Chase, by Doreen Ludica, Aug 8, 1987

Globe Archives - Accused killer of bartender was impaired, defense says

Doris Sue Wong, April 7, 1988

Jurors start sorting in death of barkeep, April 13, 1988

Bunratty's defendant guilty: Life term ordered for fatal shooting, Doris Sue Wong, April 14, 1988

Wonder Bar announced it is closing in the fall of 2020

Zoom 02134

Allston Christmas

Moving in Boston

New England Crime Stories | A True Crime Podcast

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You do not “reason with” an idiot shooting into the ceiling. You leave him alone. Abel made a terrible mistake.

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