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Episode Twenty Six | Crime of the Massachusetts Kind: One Year Anniversary Replay of Episode One

One year ago, Crime of the Truest Kind published the debut episode. In lieu of an in-person meetup, I am planning a celebratory live stream. Join the mailing list to get first crack at the sign up link + subscribe to the YouTube channel:

Episode One. How it all began. It is the original show - I didn't edit or tweak it at all. 25 episodes in, it's evident that show has grown and changed. Thank you for listening. Enjoy this "replay" - Episode One, Part One.

One of the most notorious gangsters in US history, James J. "Whitey" Bulger, Jr ruled the streets of Boston with an iron fist. He was the ruthless leader of the Winter Hill Gang. Murder Kingpin. The stacked jack of death (he did pride himself in being physically fit). The lord of the underworld. As a fixture in organized crime in the East, he ran a criminal enterprise for decades; sometimes he’s called the Irish Godfather. His status as an FBI informant kept him out of prison for racketeering until the early 90s when federal indictments for a litany of crimes were coming down -- including the murders of 19 people.

That's when he simply disappeared. Episode 1 on YouTube!

Crime of the Truest Kind Created hosted, written, and produced by Anngelle Wood Online: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Contact Music from Joe onlyone Kowalski appears in this episode


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