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Episode 39 | Ana Walshe Is Still Missing, Cohasset, Massachusetts & "No Body Conviction" cases

Ana Walshe, a 39-year-old working mother of three young boys is reported missing on January 4, 2023. But not by her husband, by her Washington, DC employer when they said she never returned to work after the New Year's holiday. A visit to her South Shore Massachusetts home in the coastal town of Cohasset sets off a string of events that leaves investigators highly suspicious of husband, Brian Walshe, and locals glued to the story. Ana was last seen in the early morning hours of January 1, 2023, after a celebratory dinner with her family and a friend. The husband's explanation of where she went, we learn pretty quickly, doesn't add up and his moves from the last time she is seen have left digital footprints that paint a very grim picture of what took place on the first day of January 2023. His criminal past takes a front seat as the story unfolds. Ana Walsh is still missing; her three small boys, her family, and her many friends miss her. They realize what the evidence is suggesting and it is terrifying. I always hold out hope that she will be found. Alive. Her husband is charged with her murder and she is presumed dead. Can someone be convicted without a body? I cite two New England cases where husbands were convicted in the deaths of their wives when a body was never recovered: The November 1986 murder of Helle Crafts of Newtown, Connecticut and the September 1998 murder of Katherine Leonard Romano of Quincy, Massachusetts.

Crime of the Truest Kind Hosted & created by Anngelle Wood Follow @crimeofthetruestkind Music included in this episode by Andrew King and Joe onlyone Kowalski, Boston, Mass Support the show, become a Patreon patron!

Photos: Ana, the family's rented home in Cohasset, with her mother, and her three boys, and with the husband who is now charged with her murder



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