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Episode 42 | Chaos On The Streets of Boston: Boston Marathon Bombing with Boston Strong's Dave Wedge

Monday, April 15, 2013 stands as the most chaotic time in Boston's modern history and was the beginning of a traumatic four-day manhunt that shutdown the city. Two home-made pressure cooker bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon twelve seconds apart, filled with enough nails and ball bearings to cause maximum damage. Three people were killed as a direct result of the explosions on Boylston Street that afternoon: 29-year-old restaurant manager, Krystle Campbell, 23-year-old Chinese student Lingzi Lu, and the youngest of the victims, 8-year-old Dorchester boy Martin Richard; 264 others were injured, some lost limbs from the blasts. In the days that followed, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier would be ambushed and murdered by the wanted men, a civilian carjacked and terrified for their life, another officer would nearly die, and one more would succumb to injuries from the shootout a year later. Journalist and Boston Strong co-author Dave Wedge joins me to talk about the 10th anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombings and the events that followed in Cambridge and Watertown. Follow the show at @crimeofthetruestkind. Subscribe, rate, and leave a review. Recommendation List: Listen: Saint Sinners and Serial Killers podcast, hosted by Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman

Watch: Patriots Day starring Mark Wahlberg

Watch: Hulu series, Murders Before The Marathon

Watch: Netflix series, American Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing

Music included in this episode from Joe onlyone Kowalski and Andrew King.

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Krystle Campbell

Lingzi Lu

Officer Richard Donohue

Sean Collier murder

Witness to Sean Collier’s murder

Bag Men

Boston Herald, April 15, 2013

Boston Magazine

Bystander Stories 10 years later

Saints Sinners and Serial Killers podcast, hosted by Dave Wedge and Casey Sherman

Spaulding Rehab

Watertown Standoff

The Watertown Boat

The Bomber parents

College friends of brother arrested

Trayvon Martin

Murders Before the Marathon on Hulu

The Trial Begins


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