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Episode 51 | Breanne Pennington & The Dark History of Murder In Gardner, Massachusetts

Episode 51: Breanne Pennington, Migdalia Perez, Kathleen Daneault, Patricia Joyce & The Dark History of Murder In Gardner, Massachusetts

This is a true crime, local history, and storytelling podcast. I write about crimes, I set the scene, connect story themes, I talk about things that happened here, in Massachusetts and New England.

This episode deals with gun violence, mental health, murder-suicide, stalking, terrorized communities, domestic violence, sexual assault, serial killing, murder, and society. Listen with care.

We peel back the layers to decades of crimes that shook the quiet town of Gardner, Massachusetts to its core and delve into the timeline of Breanne Pennington's murder, sharing her happiest times and her most proud moments spent with her family, her faith, her love of horses and raising chickens. The young mother met a tragic end at the hands of her own husband, Aaron Pennington, who still has not been apprehened. Casting light on Gardner's dark past, a town with a rich history and the unsettling details of other women's murders dating back to the 1960s, we say the names of those Gardner women whose disappearances and deaths are far less known today. In 2020, Migdalia Perez was stalked and killed by a man she was terrified of. She got no help or protection in her final days. 25-year-old Kathleen Daneault was found murdered in 1983. More than 30 years later, we learned she was killed by a man whose notorious reputation of violence against women paints the chilling picture of a serial murderer, and the mystery of the still-unsolved case of Patricia Joyce. In the Summer of 1965, Patty was a hard-working 17-year-old preparing for her senior year in high school. Her story is hardly known today and her case was looked at closely for its similarities to The Boston Strangler murder case of the 60s. We examine the grim reality of domestic violence in its many forms and the dangers that exist behind closed doors in what could be any home, in any neighborhood.

Special thanks to the Gardner News for their reporting!

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Photos from episode 51: Beautiful mom of four young children Breanne Pennington, Breanne and Aaron Pennington in happy times - Aaron Pennington remains at large, call police immediately if you see him, their home at 42 Cherry Street in Gardner, Kathleen Daneault, Judith Whitney, Migdalia Perez, Patricia Joyce, the trail Patricia took to work and where she was found strangled

Domestic Violence does not look the same for everyone.

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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Music included from Joe "onlyone" Kowalski - Joe Got A New Heart Fund Dug McCormack MATH GHOSTS Andrew King



Gardner, Mass

Domestic Violence

Migdalia Perez

Kathleen Daneault

Judith Whitney

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Breanne Pennington

MSP report on A Pennington

Aaron Pennington


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