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Episode 36 | Rory Gene Kesinger, Plymouth, Massachusetts

Rory Gene Kesinger of Plymouth, Massachusetts & the Missing, Unsoslved, and Unclaimed of Massachusetts

Researching the last episode, episode 35, on Ruth Terry, the Lady of the Dunes, who was found in Provincetown shed new light on the hundreds of missing, unsolved, and unclaimed persons in the U.S. and New England. I will be learning about who they are and how we can share their stories to, if at the very least, honor the lives they lived and the families who courageously hold on to the hope that their loved one might one day come home. New shows every two weeks. Follow the show on instagram for real time updates.

Rory Gene Kesinger is called many things: an outlaw, criminal mastermind, a robber and drug dealer. She is a fugitive. We don’t truly know where she is or what’s become of her. For 49 years, she has been a mystery and a story of folklore in Massachusetts. Today I begin digging into the stories of missing, unsolved and unclaimed people of New England. Massachusetts is up first with Rory, Baby Bella Bond found in Winthrop, Melanie Melanson missing from Woburn, Theresa Corley found in Bellingham, Danielle Oliverio found in Wilmington, Melanie Quadros missing in Lowell, and Juan Carlos Gonzalez murdered in Worcester.

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Baby Bella Bond, Winthrop, Mass

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